Full Disclosure

hard-hitting, frank conversations with those that have been there, done it and worn the t-shirt.

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September was Pricing Month

We focussed on all things pricing:

- Different perspectives from experts on pricing, from around the world.

- New ideas or progressions on existing perspectives, different angles and mindset shifts.

- A different expert each week in September.

Learn from industry experts

In each session, you will hear from an industry legend and world-class authority on pricing. They’ve all got years of experience, are renowned in their fields and you can expect great content. They won’t all agree. But that’s exactly the point. 

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Mark Wickersham

7 pricing mistakes that are killing your profits

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Ron Baker

value pricing 2.0 and the subscription model


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Jody Padar

scoping & pricing like a pro



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James Ashford

feel the fear and take the jump!

PRICING MONTH is not to be missed 

and you can still be part of it with all the recordings

How do you ensure that you can really charge what you’re worth?

How do you get the team to price consistently?

Do you use menu, fixed, value or 3 tier pricing and when?

How do you get the client to say yes?

How do you deal with scope creep?