Unleash the heroes within

A whole firm approach to doing great things for your clients, team and firm!

10am-5pm, Tue 28 February 2023

Thistle Holborn Hotel, 36-37 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2SD

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This practical hands-on workshop is for the leaders of accounting firms who want to realise the true potential of your client base and your team. And, for those who want to finally crack the advisory “nut” with a structured, consistent and profitable way of working.

A way of working that is generating firms additional profitable revenue; at recovery rates 3x that of average firms, effectively doubling profit, starting from just three hours per week.

In addition, you’ll solve the challenges of:

  • never having enough time; 

  • winning the talent wars; recruiting and retaining great talent, whilst also building confidence within the team;
  • resistance from the team for new ways of working or implementing the plan;

  • tech overwhelm and information overload; and

  • the frustration of many false starts with advisory.

“An eye opening day!
I can’t wait to get back to the office and speak to clients, showing the value we can create. Great to be around other friendly accountants who are happy to share best practice, what’s working and what’s not.”

Jamie Servante, Kreston Reeves

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An event that will transform your firm, your team and your clients 



Tue 28 February 2023


Thistle Holborn Hotel, 36-37 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2SD

Limited availability to ensure we can focus on your outcome, results and success

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Ticket options

  • super early bird tickets £147 plus vat
  • standard rate* £197 plus vat
  • vip+ £247 plus vat 

*To include workshop with world-class speakers, workbook, tea/coffee during the day, buffet lunch, access to the after-party and a special giving via B1G1, providing bookkeeping skills to women in need in Africa. 

+VIP tickets: All of the above plus priority seating, limited edition t-shirt, copy of slides & VIP lunch with the speakers. It also includes an exclusive dinner the night before, at the hotel, with Ayns and Steve.

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"An amazing event that gave me total clarity!

Really made me think outside the box. I’ve got 20 key actions from the event and I’m going to hit the ground running tomorrow! It really helped me visualise the simplicity of the business advisory process and a clear plan on how to get the team on board.”

Graeme Tennick FCCA, Tennick Accountants

Change is hard...but you don't need to

“Be the change you want to see in the world”  (attributed to Gandhi, but actually Arleen Lorrance)


A great quote, but change is hard! We are constantly being told that we need to change.

And the reality is, you don’t need to change. You don’t need to move from compliance to advisory. You just need to continue to do the right thing and help your clients. 

You already tell great stories with numbers to change the lives of some of your clients with ad-hoc bespoke advisory services. And you and your team already have all the skills, ability, understanding, training, knowledge you need to make a massive difference to all your select clients. 

However, sometimes:

  • clients just don’t see the value

  • it’s hard to break through the noise and get their attention

  • you lack the structure, processes and resources to deliver added-value services

  • your team don’t have the confidence or feel they don’t have the skills

  • they are resistant to change and anxious that they may not get it right

  • there is frustration with many false starts or confusion about the right path

  • everything gets handed up to the leadership team

  • there’s never enough time

All of which results in the firm not earning the profits it deserves, ending up doing the wrong work with the wrong clients and risk losing its brightest stars!

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Accountants are heroes

Accountants have profound wisdom, understanding, experience, training and skills. The knowledge and skills that business owners desperately need to survive and thrive.

However, sometimes your team struggle to explain that to clients and businesses in a way that increases value. Sometimes they suffer imposter syndrome and can’t see their innate powers. And sometimes they lack the structure to deliver in a way that’s consistent, repeatable and profitable and, more importantly, in a way that clients get and want to pay for!


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What to expect on the day

This brand new event will show you how to transform the way your team think. It will empower you to unleash their powers to make a massive difference to the firm and your clients. It will show you how to give them the confidence to have great conversations. And most importantly how to deliver repeatable, scalable services that are profitable for the firm, valuable for the client at a price they can afford to pay.

A lack of clarity leads to confusion. At the event we’ll introduce you to a “whole firm model” that will clearly explain the issues you’ve been experiencing, why you have been experiencing those issues and, more importantly, what you can do about them.

Nature doesn’t look at problems, it looks to potential. 

When we focus on problems and the problem/solutions methodology it encourages binary thinking. This means that we only work on once piece of the puzzle at a time. And when we work on each problem in isolation, it generally leads to more problems. We may not have even properly understood the true problem in the first place. Or, progress is slow and stalls with frustration, resistance and many false starts. 

Looking to potential encourages a different way of thinking and mindset. A multi-dimensional approach looks at all the ways to achieve success. Many of which work in tandem. Success is often achieved faster, with less resistance and fewer issues. With that success built following a one-step-at-a-time ‘marginal gains’ mentality, like the Great British cycling team’s approach; resulting in 38 medals (22 gold) over three Olympic Games!

At the event your will learn how to become the standout firm! The firm that everyone wants to:

standout firm

"The confidence and structure we needed.
Showed us that it’s not difficult to implement a business advisory offering for the majority of our clients. The event pushed us out of our comfort zone but also gave us the confidence and structure to know that we can do this!"

Jill Fox MAAT ACCA, Wren Accountancy

What's in it for you

During this one-day workshop you’ll uncover how to:

  • overcome failure to implement

  • empower your team to really get involved and fulfil your firm’s and clients’ potentials

  • rollout a complete Go-to-Market strategy for your added-value/advisory services 

  • engage clients and get them to finally understand and say ‘yes!’

  • use a straightforward structure to deliver repeatable and consistent services

  • build agendas that create extraordinary meetings clients value and want to pay for

  • innovate workflows to streamline your services, saving time and avoiding scope creep

  • change your leadership from, always being up against it, to being on the front foot

  • become the standout firm that everyone wants to buy from, work with and rave about
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Agenda on the day

09:30 - 10:00 Coffee and registration 

10:00 - 11:30 Opening sessions

11:30 - 11:45 Coffee/tea break

11:45 - 13:00 Morning sessions

13:00 - 13:45 Network and lunch

13:45 - 15:15 Afternoon sessions

15:15 - 15:30 Coffee/tea break

15:30 - 17:00 Final sessions

17:00 After party 

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"A brand new event, with all new content, created by multi-award-winning accountants with over 40 years of experience working with 1,000’s businesses all over the world"

Covered in the sessions:

  • what’s in it for your clients, your team and your firm

  • the 3 reasons why there’s never enough time

  • see the potential your firm has and the cadence required to achieve it - which may be closer than you think?

  • a Go-to-Market strategy complete with pricing and services that clients truly need and, more importantly, want

  • the process to engage and inspire clients in a way that makes them take action and say yes

  • the structure to deliver repeatable and consistent services that generate the same great results, time and time again

  • agendas that create extraordinary meetings clients value

  • the workflow to streamline your services, saving time and avoiding scope creep

  • empower your team to get involved, saving the leadership to do what they choose


Guest speakers will be speaking throughout the day.


A note about COVID19 - We want all attendees to feel comfortable at this special event. You're more than welcome to wear a mask if choose to do so and antibacterial hand gel will be provided at the venue. Our host has their own COVID19 protocol to follow to ensure all guests are, and feel, safe.

We'll also operate a coloured badge system so others will clearly know how they should interact with you.

About the speakers


Aynsley is a chartered accountant, multi-award-winning entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. 

Having worked at KPMG, he is a former founding partner of Tayabali Tomlin, Accounting for Entrepreneurs - a multi-award-winning accounting firm that specialised in business advisory. He sold that firm to Crowe in 2018. Aynsley is the founder and CEO of Clarity, has advised thousands of businesses worldwide, and sits as an advisory board member on several companies and charities. He is considered one of the most influential accountants in the UK and has co-authored an international bestseller.


Steven is an award-winning entrepreneur, author of the international bestselling book The Profits Principles and international speaker. 

He’s worked as a chartered accountant, business coach and consultant, helping thousands of business owners and accounting firms worldwide build a great business doing what they love. He’s now the founder and COO of Clarity.

Using his experience as a chartered accountant, and from watching his business-owner parents, Steven successfully started, built and sold two accounting and advisory firms.

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What accounting leaders say about our workshop

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By attending this workshop and by using Clarity with prospects, I am overwhelmed by business coming my way! 

David Mahwe
Muson Hills
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I heard the amazing success everyone had had whilst they were on the the workshop series and I wanted to get those results too.

I now really get how delivering business advisory services in this way can empower the team and clients. I also know how much the firm should be charging and delivering to help.  

Sharon Pocock
Kinder Pocock
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The Clarity Workshop is the best value consultancy that money can buy! 

Carol Postians headshot
Carl Postians
CAPO Digital
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It opened up my eyes!

It helped me to enjoy my job more, showed me how to commercialise the business advisory part of my business and how to help clients achieve their goals - ultimately fulfilling me as an adviser. 

Stephen Paul headshot
Stephen Paul
Valued Group
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You’re already the change your clients need you to be. This event completes you. It fills in the gaps. 

You’ll see the strategies that play to your teams’ strengths, make you and your firm the heroes, and give your clients what they really want! These strategies allow you (and your team) to do that in a consistent, scalable and profitable way. Creating powerful results, effortlessly (for your firm and clients)!

Book today and unleash the heroes within!

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